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Fight Gum Disease with Periodontal Therapy

Tooth with decay cartoonPeriodontal is a combination of the Latin words “perio” around and “odont” tooth. Periodontal disease, more commonly referred to as gum disease, is the inflammation, infection, or damage of tissues around the teeth. In the earliest stages, gingivitis, symptoms are relatively mild, and many patients don’t even notice any changes in their oral health. However, left untreated, gingivitis may develop into the more severe, periodontitis. To find out more about periodontal disease and its treatments, keep reading or contact our knowledgeable team today.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup at the gum line. This acidic biofilm irritates the soft tissue leading to inflammation or infection. Over time, the tissue breaks down creating a larger gap between teeth and gums, which allows even more plaque and tartar to buildup.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

In the early stages, symptoms are as mild as light bleeding while flossing and slightly discolored soft tissue, but as gum disease advances, the symptoms become more severe and may include:

How is Gum Disease Treated?

It’s very important that patients inform the dentist right away, if they notice any of the warning signs of gum disease. When diagnosed in the beginning stages, treatment may be as simple as scheduling more frequent professional teeth cleanings and making minor changes in at-home care. However, periodontitis requires more extensive treatment, and while we can improve oral health for those who suffer from advanced gum disease, this chronic condition is never truly cured once it reaches this stage. Treatment for advanced gum disease may include any combination of the following therapies:

Can I Prevent Periodontal Disease?

Working in partnership with Dr. Kwon and his team, gum disease is almost always preventable. Keep in mind the following tips to keep your whole mouth healthy and prevent periodontal disease:

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