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Determining the Cost of Dental Implants

September 15, 2018

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Mature couple enjoying drinks. Losing a tooth can be devastating as it affects many aspects of your life. It becomes more challenging to enjoy the foods you would normally eat when it is uncomfortable or difficult to chew your food. Not to mention the embarrassment you might be feeling about the appearance of your smile. You’ve heard about dental implants, but you wonder how you can fit them into your budget? Here’s what you need to know about the cost of dental implants.


Your Dentist in Dallas Reveals the Secret to Maximizing Your Dental Insurance

September 4, 2018

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Smiling woman in the dental chair. Have you put off getting that dental filling that your dentist in Dallas told you about a few months ago? Is it time to have that sensitive tooth examined and treated? Maybe you haven’t yet scheduled one or both of your preventive appointments? If you have any dental work that you’ve been waiting on, now is the perfect time to schedule your treatment because you can utilize your dental benefits before they run out at the end of the year. Here’s what you should know.


Your Dentist Explains What Causes Dental Implants to Fail

August 31, 2018

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man smiling holding appleDental implants have revolutionized dental care by providing patients a way to restore missing teeth in a secure and sturdy manner. The implant is surgically attached to the underlying jawbone and acts as a replacement for missing roots. The solid foundation created then allows for a restoration to be securely attached. For the procedure to be successful depends on certain things to be in place, and if they’re not, the implant can fail. Read on to learn what the contributing factors are and much more.


Your Cosmetic Dentist Explains How Teeth Whitening Works

August 20, 2018

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woman smiling before and afterIn an ultra-visual world, your appearance is always being evaluated, and when you meet a new person, one of the first things he or she will notice is the condition of your teeth. Thus, stains can hinder the type of impression you make. One of the great ways to fix this problem is with teeth whitening. As you read on, your cosmetic dentist explains how the process works to remove stains and rejuvenate your smile.


What are the Different Types of Extractions? Your Dentist Explains

August 10, 2018

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man holding jaw in painExtracting a tooth is never a first option because it creates space in your mouth that could cause your other teeth to shift. However, there are certain situations that warrant that it be done. As you read on, you’ll learn about the different types that your dentist can perform and why some are more difficult than others.


Does Insurance Help Cover the Cost of Dental Implants?

July 25, 2018

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insurance claim formDental implants are amazing! They provide comprehensive tooth replacement and help patients to enjoy beautiful smiles, a strong bite force, and improved oral health. Many dentists are great advocates of this treatment and encourage all of their patients who have suffered tooth loss to give it serious consideration. However, one of the things that might hold some back from getting this procedure is the cost of dental implants. Admittedly, they are on the expensive side. Let’s talk about whether your dental insurance will be willing to help you afford your restored smile.


Dental Implants Restore Teeth and Preserve Bone Structure!

July 20, 2018

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x-ray view of dental implantDental implants and traditional dentures are both well-known for their ability to restore teeth. Both can provide you with a natural-looking smile and the ability to enjoy most (if not all) of your favorite foods. However, there are some significant differences between the two tooth replacement options, one of which is related to your bone health.


What Are Dental Implants in 75229 Made Of?

July 6, 2018

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implant in mouthDental implants in 75229 are a unique tooth replacement method because they bond with the jawbone. In effect, they become part of your oral and facial structure; this enables them to provide the strongest, longest-lasting base possible for your new smile. Before you commit to this treatment, however, you might be curious to learn exactly what it is that you’re inviting into your body. Let’s talk about the materials that compose these remarkable little dental devices.


Get Dental Implants in North Dallas Three Different Ways!

June 3, 2018

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An older women smiling.While it isn’t as common, some patients have so many dental problems that they simply don’t know where to start. Multiple teeth with decay and discoloration can make them uncomfortable to show their smile. Missing teeth forces them to make permanent changes to their diet. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be this way. With the help of dental implants in North Dallas, you can achieve what your dentist calls a full mouth reconstruction.

To learn more about the process and the many solutions to tooth loss, keep reading.


Explore Sedatives with a Sedation Dentist in North Dallas

May 24, 2018

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woman dental visitIf you’ve avoided getting the dental work that your smile needs to stay healthy for years to come, sedation dentistry may be something that you should consider for your next appointment. Sometimes, patients can be too fearful of the dentist or anticipated pain that they never receive dental care that would actually ward off dental problems. Right—it’s backward. Thankfully, your sedation dentist in North Dallas offers heavier forms of sedation to help literally anyone get the oral health care they really need. Learn more by reading below!


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