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Sinus Lift – Dallas, TX

Create the Foundation for Your New Smile

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth with dental implants? That is great! You are investing in the next best thing to your natural teeth. Unfortunately, before you can get started, your dentist has informed you that you need a sinus lift. Although you had not expected to need an additional procedure, it is vital to ensuring the long-term success of your new smile. At Kwon Dental, our office can handle this extra step in your treatment.

What is a Sinus Lift?

Picture of the sinuses

A dental implant replaces both the root and crown of your tooth. A biocompatible implant post is surgically placed into your jaw to act as a new root. Its long-term success relies on your jawbone’s ability to support the post to create a secure foundation for your restoration.

A sinus lift, also known as a sinus augmentation, is a surgery that adds bone between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses. Bone is added to the area of your premolars and molars to ensure there is enough room between the implant posts and the sinus membranes. Your sinus must be lifted upward to make room for the extra bone.

Do I Need a Sinus Lift?

Picture of a sinus lift

Not everyone interested in dental implants requires a sinus lift before placing their implant posts. It is only necessary when:

  • There is not enough bone height in the upper jaw.
  • The sinuses are too close to the jaw.
  • Bone has been lost from periodontal disease.
  • Bone loss has occurred from prolonged untreated missing teeth.

What Can I Expect?

Picture of a sinus lift

After an initial consultation to create a customized treatment plan, bone may be taken from your own body or from a cow to graft onto the treatment area. The ideal location for the graft placement is pinpointed using x-rays and a CT scan.

Sedation or anesthesia is used to ensure your comfort while your gum tissue is opened where your back teeth used to be. The tissue is moved to expose the jawbone. A small oval is cut into your bone to allow your sinus membrane to be lifted upward away from your jaw. The grafting material is then packed into the space where your sinus used to be. Your tissue is then sutured closed and the healing process begins.

It takes 4 to 10 months for the graft to mesh with your bone. Adequate healing must occur before your implant posts can be placed. During your recovery time, it is best to keep the surgical site clean and avoid anything that may cause irritation. Do not blow your nose or sneeze forcefully, or it may cause the graft to loosen. You may be given an antibiotic, pain medication, or antimicrobial mouthrinse to use while you recover.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you need a sinus lift, do not let that deter you from completing your smile with dental implants. Dr. Kwon handles your entire treatment process to create the foundation you need to ensure your dental implants last for decades. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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